Ralph Hinkley Syndrome

by Ralph Hinkley Syndrome

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Wyman Gentry and Jason Ogle have no problem getting all emotive--and even a bit pious. Rocking together in an Orange County-based guitar duo called Ralph Hinkley Syndrome, their sound encompasses all the virtues of coffee-house rock, right down to the strategically uplifting harmonies and introspective lyrics of love and loss spiced with slivers of Seattle grunge. And then there's the spirituality...OC WEEKLY ALBUM REVIEW (Read the rest @ bit.ly/aecjky)


The ups and down that go along with being alive, with being human, never end. One day you’re on cloud nine, and then by state of random circumstances, you’re brought careening back to earth, and in a state of utter despair the next. Indie duo and long time friends Jason Ogle and Wyman Gentry know all about these feelings, trying to write them and express them truthfully on their self titled release “Ralph Hinkley Syndrome...CWG MAG ALBUM REVIEW (Read the rest @ bit.ly/7T2VVW)


We say it pretty often, but somehow I feel it needs to be said more: Orange County is a hot spot for bands and independent musicians. Just look at Gwen Stefani, Thrice, Atreyu, and The Offspring for starters- all of which set their roots in OC- the talent keeps popping up in this county...OC GAZETTE FEATURE (Read the rest @ bit.ly/aaDbG4)


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released December 14, 2009

All songs written, recorded, produced and mixed by:
@jasonogle & @wymangentry

All songs mastered by:

Album cover artwork by:



all rights reserved


Ralph Hinkley Syndrome California

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Track Name: Waiting
One more time and it’s over
Got my line and I told her
She tried to force and feed me her way
How I want to be open
Beat me down and I’m broken
Cut my ties, will it show her the way
Here’s the fall
You take it all
I’m here, waiting in vain
Can you not hear what you say
You need someone to blame
One more time and I’m over
Had my line (I’m) getting older
Shut my eyes I’m all over your way
I’m here, waiting in vain
Can you not hear what you say
You need someone to play
You did it over
It’s going nowhere
I’m here, waiting in vain
Can you not hear what you say
You need someone to blame
To fire your gun, you’ve got no shame
Track Name: Lombard Street
All around the ground moves underneath my feet
A great american hero never landing right

Hey and if I'm falling down
Help me back into my Father's arms

These days everyone has wheels under their shoes
Game show grins coast down Lombard Street again


I'm walking tall for now
But how long til I lay me down again?
Since I'm a toddler for life Lord
With outstretched arms I will fall down again
Track Name: Travel
Sweeter is her soul
That keeps me waiting
And so we wander

We'll sing our favorite songs
The stars are waiting
When we're alone, there's nothing else

If in my dreams
Maybe we'll leave this place
We can travel so far

Sit next to me
We can just watch the rain
As our hearts grow fonder

After everything is said and done
You love me even when I come undone
Even through the hurt and through the pain
We'll pray to God and He will keep us

Sweeter is her soul
That keeps me waiting
And so we wander

We'll sing our favorite songs
The stars are waiting
We'll take this road one way
Track Name: My Eyes Have Hands
My eyes have hands
But they can't feel you walk away
And hide again when
They peel away

All I see
Is bleeding just inside of me
All I feel
Is numb from this achilles heel

My eyes have hands
But they don't embrace you like they should
Or love you good and give
They give up again

Just gouge them away
And I'll be the nazarene
Cause although I see
This vision is blinding me

Just burn them away
The kerosene must be pure
The darkness insists
These lamps must be cured

I got my blindfold
Stuck in the firing line
I search for last words
But they escape my mind
Track Name: Only Then
What's in The Word, completes me
I've no worth, You keep me
Still and quiet, You speak to me
I came alive, when You died
Only then, when You died
Only then, I have life
A beautiful flood runs through me
Only the blood, a new me
When I fall, You reach me
The seed is sown, You've freed me

Track Name: My Fleeting Habit
I tried
To get away
And hide
The things that stay

But I'm feeding off it
I'm feeding off it
Still feeding off it
My fleeting habit

Not blind
But I can't see
How this mind
Keeps blinding me

Still bleeding from it
I'm bleeding from it
Still bleeding from it
My fleeting habit

Give it away!
Track Name: Easy Go
You got it bad
It's in your mind, all the time
You've got a love
It's in the pill, on your tongue
It's aversive

A lonely heart
What can you give, from afar
In this place,
In your world, you're a star
Track Name: Paper In The Rain
Thinking back what you are won't give you meaning in this place
And you're back where you started anyway

It's the paper in the rain
Dissolving yet again

He's everything you're wanting
And He's everything you're needing

It's the paper in the rain
Dissolving yet again
It's coming 'round again

Rushing around...
Track Name: These Days
I remember hopping
In your Rabbit
With 4-60 ac

That warm air
Caressing my face
As we sang Carefree Highway down beeline
The world was bigger then

Where did all of the time go
The days when daylight
Would burn so slow
When the streetlights would call us home

I would gaze out that great window
Couldn't wait for you
And Houston souvenirs

When I think back to how things were
And all of the pain that you've endured
It was the little things you did
That take me back to that place again

Where did all of the time go
The innocent days of long ago
If I just close my eyes I'm there
But when I come back my heart still stares

Those were the times
Those were the days
Before the ways of pain

I know with your help
I know with your grace
My heart will stare at these days
Track Name: On Fire
Feels so long since I felt alive
And I, remember when the new me died

I wanna be on fire for You

Wanna wait for You
But I'm waiting around
For dreams I dreamt when we stopped hanging out
I've come this far, this far away
But I'm here now, just to burn in Your


So won't You come and breath new life again
In this dying man who wants to live again
I can feel Your hands reach out to me
You lift my head and again my eyes they see
Alive in the fire with You